Job vacancy

8th May 2018

Foodbank Project Manager

Acts of Kindness has been running a growing foodbank for the last 5 years and undertaken a number of other community based projects. Our Project Manager has now moved to a senior postion and we are currently looking to replace her.

Job description

A Foodbank Project Manager is required to be responsible for the oversight of the day to day running of the Redditch Foodbank and for developing new projects as required. The Manager will work with volunteers, the Volunteer co-ordinator and the Warehouse Manager and others. This involves working with Referral agencies including Redditch Borough Council, as well as with Oakland International, local businesses, churches and other partners to ensure the sustainable operating of the Redditch Foodbank. The project manager will work with the Trustees to guide the development of the Foodbank project including its material resources, financial assets, reputation, partnerships and volunteers in partnership with the Trussell Trust.  The exploration of further new initiatives and new working patterns will be required as the project continues to evolve.

Contracted Hours 20 hours/week. Statutory holiday entitlement

Full details available on the following link to job specification and details



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