40 for 40

11th February 2020

If you feel moved to give up something for #Lent this year, why not take part in the #40for40 challenge: giving up 40 pence for 40 days.

You can help support Redditch Foodbank and transform lives this #Easter. Simply find an old jam jar or similar container and start collecting 40 pence a day from Wednesday 26th February to Thursday April 9th.

At the end of Lent on the 9th April, you can either:

  • bring the money to us
  • bank the money you’ve raised and drop in or send a cheque made payable to Acts of Kindness.

If you are eligible for Gift Aid, please return this form to us at the same time. Similarly, you can use the money you save to purchase food that we need, listed here.

Thank you so much for your support!

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